Nightie Nites Plus Size Lingerie In Murfreesboro, Tennessee: "Curves Are Beautiful"

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Nightie Nites  is where you find the Best selection of Lingerie from Large to 6X for  the curvaceous woman.

Curves are beautiful. We think that Curvy girls are just as pretty, if not prettier than pencil thin girls...

Back in the Renaissance era, bigger was better. Ladies that were full-figured were perceived as wealthy and well-taken care of. On the other hand, the ladies that were thin and skinny were considered as peasants.

We are still the same society. It's only the media that make us think that thin-look is popular.

The reality is that over 65% of the female population is considered Plus Size so therefore, Thick IS IN.

Nightie Nites  is all about Curves, and we think Beauty Goes Beyond the Curves...

The way you feel about yourself is important! So if you are searching for something spectacular for those special moments...

Visit us at Nightie Nites, where Curves Are Beautiful!!!

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